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Incorporated in 1999 and with a specific focus on engine air intake shut-off valves, ENVACON was started by a Shareholder group that included two existing corporations and two principles with over 40 years of previous experience in the design, manufacture, and marketing of shut-off valves. This experience was combined with the assistance of a government research organization and Tyler Research Corp. to develop and test the now patented AIR STOP shut-off valve design.

Production and marketing of the AIR STOP engine shut-off valve began in late 2000. Direct marketing combined with Agents in the United States, Europe, and Asia helped to gain wide ranging acceptance and the design is now known for its functionality and durability. Customers include individual engine operators through to fleet operators, engine dealerships, engine packagers, and original engine manufacturers (OEM’s), and our design capabilities now range from the development of one-off installation kits for specific engines through to design, development, and testing programs for OEM and Naval applications.

Our manufacturing capabilities and procedures reflect our customers varying needs while maintaining the consistent quality required for a safety device. One-off requirements and production runs can be accommodated, including automotive industry risk management and quality control verification procedures.

Customer service, our employees and Agents, and our high quality design and manufacturing capabilities are the cornerstones of our company’s success. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate them all while servicing your engine shut-off valve requirements.

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